Who we are?

We are United Partners International (UPI)services company.

Our objective is to help foreign companies launch and establish their businesses through our specialized range of services customized according to your business needs. We not only help you launch your own business in Kuwait, but also guide you throughout the entire lifecycle to achieve your goals. We offer a full range of services including market research, administrative guidance and support, advisory, and legal support, as well as management services. We also have legal connections with one of the top 5 law firms in Kuwait to facilitate all needed procedures.

Company Overview

United Partners International Group (UPI) is a leading Company specializing in developing strategic business methods for foreign clients to meet their business needs. Our most important business objective is our commitment to achieving client satisfaction and enhancing our clients’ market image.

We provide comprehensive and unique business services. Our suite of service includes advice and assistance in forming and establishing partnerships, representation, agencies and company license. At UPI, we believe in developing a win-win strategy with our clients and we are keen to stick to our commitments with our clients and our suppliers. We hold ourselves to “international standards” when it comes to providing high quality business services tailored to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.


We provide quality standardized solutions in business transactions to help our clients achieve their objectives. We apply international standards and best practices, managed by an effective and efficient team. We also provide competitive and practical business solutions to domestic and international companies, manufacturers and organizations by guiding and coaching them in establishing their business in Kuwait and other GCC countries in order to optimize operational efficiency, maximize return on investment and to achieve long-term business results.


At United Partners International, we strive to build long-term business partnerships and aim to be the “go to” provider for our client’s practical, innovative and effective business solutions.



UPI is instrumental in assisting foreign companies and manufacturers to establish businesses by entering agency and distributorship agreements in Kuwait and other GCC countries. We can also assist in drafting and reviewing such agreements to comply with local laws and regulations. Together with our strategic partners, we can achieve our goals in creating successful long term business future.
We aim to attract special brands which we believe has the potential to success in the region to ensure we can deliver the best choice of products to our clients.
Our goal is to provide the market with unique products able to success and gain market share and are compatible with the market needs.

Business Valuation

Business owners would like to know the value of their business and where are they stand in the market and between other competitors. Check the business value if considering selling the business (resale) or receive a request from a potential buyer. Used to help in negotiation in case of merging with other company or acquisition and understand where is your company stand in such matters. Useful incase if new investors needed to access the company.


UPI provides professional representation services for foreign companies in Kuwait and the GCC countries by developing economic, management and marketing activities. Our dynamic multicultural professional team is experienced and devoted to customer service. We are committed to provide the highest standards of quality performance which has allowed our business success to grow throughout the region.
We help your organization prepare, enter and establish itself in the Kuwait and GCC markets.
Additionally, we offer a wide range of “representation” services. Our approach is to work closely with our clients to provide practical advice and support. Our experienced team will provide you with unique skills that can help you take critical and strategic decisions to assist you in navigating difficult market conditions.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility study is type of analysis that measure the ability and viability to make new proposed project or investment or even develop the current one successful. Management use the feasibility study to determine the positive or negative outcome of the business and it helps to emphasize the reliability and expectation when they present it to investors or partners. UPI can provide small and medium companies with the feasibility study and present it to the National Fund to ensure they can obtain approval for their fund.

Business Deals

Business deals conducted between business to business entities where we can provide suitable transaction for selling or buying. Also project under construction which needs to be sold for investors or projects ideas which need to be executed. We do have the ability to arrange these deals between companies and provide them with suitable plans to conduct it.


UPI strongly believes in global partnerships to deliver the best business transaction experience to our diversified clients to build their organizational value. We can offer an active or silent partnership to suite our foreign clients need.


We established a lot of license for small , medium and big company in Kuwait

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